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A voice at the other end said that it's your wealthy uncel's attorney. Your uncle, a noted scientist, has been found dead. He was your only living relative. Something isn't right though. Apparently, he died of a heart attack. But he was only 55, and had never had any history of heart problems. You learn that you have inherited everything your uncle owned - his wealth and his huge mansion in the country. Wearily, you pull up on the gravel drive outside the house. Time to investigate the house for any clues to his death...


BohemianYard.zip 169 MB


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Hey Brick, can you PM me at my forum ID (AGS) or my mail?

Looks like you don't have AGS account or ID or whatever

I got stuck in the game.

As soon as I find the room key 03 (turning the vase upside down),
all doors get locked (they won't budge)
I can only move into the "Reptiles, Retail version, snail" room and the room where I found the vase
("Reptiles" written on the door)
I am looking and interacting with the painting but nothing happens.
I really love the art style and mood in the game.
I would love to play the game if you help me understand what's going on (if it is a bug or if I couldn't figure what to do)
Have a great day.